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We offer expertise in project planning, construction management, general contracting, and design-build services on projects of all types and sizes. We have the experience and skill to deliver exceptional results on schedule and within budget. Let us partner with you on your next project and experience our client-focused approach to construction.

what we offer

We can take care of everything for you.

Frequently, a project owner will ask us to “take care of everything,” including site development, design, and construction of a project, under a single contract. This method is known as Design-Build, and is a way to simplify the construction process for the project owner, accelerate the project schedule, and provide cost control throughout the design and construction phases of the project.

Although our team of in-house construction professionals includes individuals trained as architects, we typically select an architectural firm to work with us on a design-build project. Usually with project owner input, we select a firm which best meets the particular requirements of a project with regard to experience, personnel, and approach to the owner’s project.

During the design phase of a project, much as we do in the Construction Management method, we provide periodic estimates to verify the project is staying within budget. In a collaborative approach with the project owner, we also provide guidance to the project architect to ensure the building’s design meets the expectations and requirements of the project owner.

Again similar to the Construction Management process, we solicit competitive bids from subcontractors and suppliers, review those bids for completeness and conformance to specifications, and guarantee the total cost of the project contractually. During construction, we manage the project, with a focus on cost control, schedule adherence, quality workmanship, and safe work practices.


A great start leads to a strong finish

A successful start is the most effective way to achieve the successful completion of a construction project. We offer a variety of services that are scalable and customizable to fit your needs, your project, and your pocketbook. Let us help you start your project with confidence.  Some of the many services we routinely provide during the planning and feasibility phase of a project include:

  • Cost estimating and consulting
  • Construction budget and schedule development
  • Review of architectural drawings and specifications
  • Sustainability and life-cycle cost consultation

Need some other service not listed? Our team of construction professionals, which includes individuals with very specialized skills and experience, can provide solutions tailor-made to help you make the sound decisions that will result in a fast start and conclude with a new or renovated facility that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Construction Management

A team approach for a superior project

Whether for a public-sector project, such as a new school building, or a private-sector project, like a medical office building, the project delivery method known as Construction Management is a proven way to maximize the value obtained for every dollar spent to design and build a new facility or repurpose an existing building. 

In the role of Construction Manager, we work in close collaboration with you and your architect throughout the design phase of your project to control the cost and enhance the quality of the project. We do that by providing cost estimates at key stages of the design process, to verify what has been designed can be constructed within your budget. We also offer ideas which can allow the actual construction process to proceed more efficiently and safely. Frequently, our input during the design process also results in a building that is more economical to operate and easier to maintain.

We also serve as your advocate in the subcontractor and supplier market. We solicit competitive bids from the marketplace, carefully review those bids for conformance to specifications, and then compile those bids in a price that is contractually guaranteed, often referred to as the Guaranteed Maximum Price. During construction, we serve as your on-site manager, providing cost control, schedule management, quality control, and enforcement of safe work practices.

Even after the work on the project site has been completed, our work for you is not. In the event there is a need to address an issue covered by our warranty, we have the ability and commitment to you to respond quickly, and our financial stability means we will be here to take care of you long after your project is finished.

General Contracting

We eagerly compete with other firms on quality, reliability, and cost.

What is commonly referred to as general contracting can take on many different forms. We eagerly accept those opportunities, because we are confident that we can offer a very competitive price for any type of project, and also provide the level of attention and service needed to complete the project with the upmost quality.

We routinely complete smaller projects, such as exterior and interior renovations to an existing building throughout the Midwest region, and beyond. Our team has successfully completed projects for some of the most well-known brands and businesses in the United States.

An increasingly popular form of general contracting is Job Order Contracting, or JOC. Pioneered by the United States Department of Defense, this method is especially useful for accomplishing small projects, emergency repairs, or completing work that must be done within a very short time frame due to the scheduled use of a facility. Price is based on agreed-to unit costs and a competitively established cost coefficient. We provide JOC services to public sector clients directly and through purchasing cooperatives that serve public schools, colleges and universities, and municipalities.