The Pendergraft Building

October 26, 2022

Professional spaces with the artisanal care of local craftsmen located in the heart of the Northwest Arkansas community.

A warm, sturdy structure that features some of the best materials and local craftsmanship that Northwest Arkansas has to offer, the Pendergraft building is distinctly urban while highlighting the enduring rural roots of the area. This multi-use space was designed with community in mind and aims to be as pleasant to visit and work in as it is to admire. Featuring masoned stonework, a combination of custom oak and Italian limestone flooring, custom Spanish cedar and steel storefronts, and exposed timber beams, it's an aesthetic space that is both comfortable and inspiring.

This is the first project on Drake Farms, a 175-acre former farmstead in north Fayetteville. The Pendergraft Building, with its historic look and modern appeal, will set the tone for the subsequent development of the area over the next 25 years. We are proud to helm construction and play a key role in bringing this unique community space to life.

Architect: Nequette Architecture & Design

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