Building a Job Creator - Simmons Foods

May 10, 2020

In September of 2017, the Simmons Foods Corporation, based in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, announced plans to build a 350,000 square foot poultry processing facility near Decatur, Arkansas. Later in 2017, Simmons selected C.R. Crawford to be the Construction Manager/General Contractor for the modern new facility, which will utilize state-of-the-art equipment and processes.  Site work began earlier this year with the relocation of more than 800,000 cubic yards of soil, quickly followed by the construction of foundations to support the tilt-up concrete panels that form the structure and exterior walls of the building. Currently, a daily average of 150 construction workers are on the site, with that number scheduled to grow to as many as 450 workers on site by the end of 2018, providing a substantial economic impact to the area even before the new processing plant opens. When completed, Simmons Foods anticipates 1,500 new jobs will be created at the new operations. C.R. Crawford Construction is honored to be a part of such a significant project and grateful for our relationship with Simmons Foods.

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