We eagerly compete with
other firms on quality,
reliability, and cost.

What is commonly referred to as general contracting can take on many different forms. Some project owners prefer to obtain prices from two, or more, construction firms and award the project to the firm providing the lowest price or the lowest qualified price. We eagerly accept those opportunities, because we are confident that we can offer a very competitive price for any type of project, and also provide the level of attention and service needed to complete the project with the upmost quality.

Smaller projects, such as exterior and interior renovations to an existing building, also usually fall under the heading of general contracting. We routinely complete projects of this type all over the Midwest region of the country, and beyond, for some of the most well known brands and businesses in the United States. Typically, price is established either through a competitive process or, in many instances, project owners negotiate a price with us, confident they will receive a price that meets their budget requirements while also receiving FULL SERVICE.

An increasingly popular form of general contracting is Job Order Contracting, or JOC. Pioneered by the United States Department of Defense, this method is especially useful for accomplishing small projects, emergency repairs, or completing work that must be done within a very short timeframe due to the scheduled use of a facility. Price is based on agreed-to unit costs and a competitively-established cost coefficient. WE PROVIDE JOC SERVICES to public sector clients directly and through purchasing cooperatives that serve public schools, colleges and universities, and municipalities.