We can take care of
everything for you.

Frequently, a project owner will ask us to “take care of everything,” including site development, design, and construction of a project, under a single contract. This method is known as Design-Build, and is a way to simplify the construction process for the project owner, accelerate the project schedule, and provide cost control throughout the design and construction phases of the project. 

Although our team of in-house construction professionals includes individuals trained as architects, we typically select an architectural firm to work with us on a design-build project. Usually with project owner input, we select a firm that best meets the particular requirements of a project with regards to experience, personnel, and  approach to the owner’s project.

During the design phase of a project, much as we do in the Construction Management method, WE PROVIDE PERIODIC ESTIMATES TO VERIFY THE PROJECT IS STAYING WITHIN BUDGET. In a collaborative approach with the project owner, we also provide guidance to the project architect to ensure the building’s design meets the expectations and requirements of the project owner.

Again similar to the Construction Management process, we solicit competitive bids from subcontractors and suppliers, review those bids for completeness and conformance to specifications, and guarantee the total cost of the project contractually. During construction, we manage the project, with a FOCUS ON COST CONTROL, SCHEDULE ADHERENCE, QUALITY WORKMANSHIP, AND SAFE WORK PRACTICES.