A team approach for a
superior projecT

Whether for a public-sector project, such as a new school building, or a private-sector project, like a medical office building, the project delivery method known as Construction Management is a proven way to maximize the value obtained for every dollar spent to design and build a new facility or re-purpose an existing building. 

In the role of Construction Manager, WE WORK IN CLOSE COLLABORATION WITH YOU AND YOUR ARCHITECT THROUGHOUT THE DESIGN PHASE OF YOUR PROJECT TO CONTROL THE COST AND ENHANCE THE QUALITY OF THE PROJECT. We do that by providing cost estimates at key stages of the design process, to verify that what has been designed can be constructed within your budget. We also offer ideas that can allow the actual construction process to proceed more efficiently and safely. Frequently, our input during the design process also results in a building that is more economical to operate and easier to maintain.

We also serve as YOUR ADVOCATE IN THE SUBCONTRACTOR AND SUPPLIER MARKET. We solicit competitive bids from the marketplace, carefully review those bids for conformance to specifications, then compile those bids in a price that is contractually guaranteed, often referred to as the Guaranteed Maximum Price.