C.R. Crawford Construction was founded in 2006 on the belief that every client should be able to receive an uncommon level of personal attention, responsiveness, and high quality craftsmanship, without having to pay a premium price. 

When we started C.R. Crawford in 2006, we had no idea we would encounter a severe recession just two years later in the construction industry. Maybe we were too young to know better, but we persevered and found that clients were looking for what we had to offer then and still offer today – PERSONAL ATTENTION, RESPONSIVENESS, HIGH QUALITY, and VERY COMPETITIVE PRICING. As many construction companies grew smaller or closed their doors, our business continued to grow. We found that project owners cared less about how long we had been in business, but instead appreciated our financial stability, our eagerness to work hard, and our fresh approach to providing solutions to the needs of our clients. That has not changed as we now begin our second decade as one of the fastest growing construction companies in the United States.

We began and are headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas, which is part of the rapidly growing Northwest Arkansas metropolitan statistical area that is home to such Fortune 500 companies as Walmart, J.B. Hunt, and Tyson Foods. As these and other companies located in this region have grown, we have grown with them, to become the LARGEST CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT and GENERAL CONTRACTING FIRM CORPORATELY HEADQUARTERED IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS. We routinely serve clients not only throughout Arkansas, but also in the 25 other States in which we are licensed or registered to do business.

The four pillars which sustain C.R. Crawford Construction today, and which give our clients confidence in us, are integrity, experience, quality, and dependability. 

Integrity | Experience | Quality | Dependability

For us, these are more than just words in a logo or a brochure, they are truly the foundation for all that we do as a builder of buildings and as a BUILDER OF RELATIONSHIPS.